The logic of coherence in Business Management. From the perspective of reputation. #1

It is true that we are living moments of uncertainty and it is true that the future that awaits us is also totally full of uncertainty; In this situation, what we must all do, both companies and individuals, is called prudence and coherence.

To assume this vision, it is important to incorporate instruments and methods of interpretation of reality into business management; These instruments serve to build bridges that open channels of information and feedback to understand and establish a simple, understandable, honest dialogue between the company and its stakeholders and vice versa.

I will be describing each of these instruments throughout the series of publications “The logic of coherence in Business Management”

This coherence of which I speak has 4 steps; 1.- Go back to identity, re-recognize who the company is and what the company does. 2.- How the company does its work, how it develops its products, how it relates. 3.-How you communicate it; Communication is not only commercial communication or the offer of a product or service through persuasion, communication is telling what the company does, how it does it, so that this communication process can generate a series and structures of perceptions They have to be consistent with the first step, which is the being of the company, in this coherent flow is where value is generated and is where the fourth step is activated. 4.- What they say about the company. People will refer to the company and its products according to their experience, the information they have about it and the belief system about it.

And that is where the leader of the company, the main protagonist of this logic; Who should ensure compliance with the highest purposes with which the company was founded, always remember the reason why it decided to generate production through a social unit such as a company?

That’s how it is; a company is also a social unit, and is related through the meanings that its environment gives it. Nowadays companies develop CSR, Public Relations, Commercial, advertising programs, and a myriad of activities that if they are not anchored in the backbone that are the purposes can lose the north therefore their credibility which is Reputation.

Recently with a group of colleagues we attended a crisis situation; A large group of companies had grown considerably due to their commercial approach, however, they neglected the quality of their relationships with their environment since they only focused on their commercial relationship, and it was precisely from there that the crisis was generated. Relationships, especially commercial ones, must be dealt with in a special way, since they are of high wear and tear and dependency. In another little note, I will tell you the solution of the case.

For now, business management must be consistent between what it claims to be, what it does, how it communicates it, and what they say about it. And all this coherence is interpreted and staged by strategic communication; because that logic must be embedded as a structured corporate culture from the communication strategy.

Elena Hurtado Dominguez