What will you do with your life?
What is the plan?

In the end, what do you want? who are you? have you ever asked those questions? I have asked myself thousands of times, and I have had to go through a learning process, until I understood that all the answers are within oneself, because everything starts from your mind and heart.

When I understood that I, as a person, am the most important company, everything changed.

I created the «Evolution» model, to help you understand your purpose, using the entrepreneurial approach, and empowering your talents through strategic communication and marketing.

Because your name and all that you are
matters; let me help you.

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As people, we have these four great capitals, over which we have rights, ownership, and responsibility:

– Life
– Time
– Talent
– Freedom

Our evolution occurs when we understand the power we have when we use these capitals.

I will guide you through this process

"In all my business consultancies, I have had to start with the mind of its leaders, executives, and the people who make it up.

"Evolution" is a program based on Top Management, supported by the methods and techniques of Communication, Marketing, and Human Development. Is a logical program that will help you in your personal and professional evolution, impacting your economy".

Elena Hurtado Domínguez



Three-month program
Follow-up meetings
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